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Features & Benefits

Societyware provide all the important features and benefits for the housing society.
Following are features included in this app. Please request a demo for detailed information.

Admin & Member Dashboard

Get all important information at your finger tips
  • Know all important numbers at the top
  • See your action items and status

Members Directory

Know your neighbours
  • Ease in contacting officials
  • Ease in contacting members
  • Accessibility to members records

Online Notice Board

Get meeting notices on time
  • Timely announcements
  • Every member receives the message/ announcement
  • Perfect delivery channel

Visitor Tracking

Know who visited your society
  • Recording the purpose of visit
  • Detailed record of visitors
  • Enquiry about the visitors

Accounting & Book-keeping

Know the summary of your society accounts
  • Individual member and society accounts available online
  • Accumulation of income and expenses at one place

Payment Reminders & Follow ups

Know your dues, Get timely follow ups
  • Automated follow up emails and SMS
  • Timely collection of dues and bills

Asset Management & Booking

Online asset booking
  • Book assets online
  • Reserve club house online

Repairs & Maintenance Support Tickets

Get your maintenance on time
  • User Friendly
  • Time saving for members

Managing Security & Housekeeping

Control over the staff
  • Maintain record of staff details
  • Easy accessibility to data

Management Reports

Get all the reports in one place
  • Update your billing records at one place
  • Easy accessibility to management reports
  • Timely rectification

All important features and benefits are part of the free version. For some advanced features, you can upgrade to the premium version.

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