A connection that makes you independent to tackle a lot of responsibilities related to your housing societies. Societyware, an online housing society management software for the fast running metro cities of India, a multi-featured solution for the societies of all capacities. It's a juncture for the complete framework of your society. Societyware is a smart and well-built space for the important activities of a housing society.

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Housing society management solutions made easy

Societyware is a space for dealing with all the important anextures related to the housing society like bills, notices, payments, maintenance and many more exciting features. Society ware has nullified the stress of handling a housing society. From society payments to announcements and security to maintenance, everything is effectively done online on the software. Get ready for a virtual experience of working with your external responsibilities. We make sure you are in the right and safe space with your important affairs.

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Know your neighbors
In a life full of speed, one hardly gets any time to see what's going on in the surroundings. Living in a society and not having an idea about the neighborhood, sounds weird! Societyware will give you the appropriate information about your neighborhood and also will make your first gesture without awkwardness.
Manage society safety and security
Housing society comes with responsibility of, security of the members. Managing such important affairs is like a task for the members on board. Now no one has to worry! Societyware brings you phenomenal solutions to manage the security of your society with many more fantastic features. Experience the most awaiting and interesting software that is developed for the ease in your routine.
Build trust with transparency.
A housing society has a lot of responsibilities for it to run precisely and without any errors. Certain elected members carry forward the whole working of the society now, it's a treat to the members ! Introducing Societyware, a software that handles all the management of a housing society with efficiency, it is developed to save time, add efficiency and exhibit transparency in the members.
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Mr. Suresh Jadhav
I am Mr. Suresh Jadhav, secretary of Nakshatram Housing Society; It has been a very effective tool to manage the society since we started using this software. I am glad we came across this and it has helped me a lot to manage my Society with perfection.
Mr. Omkar Kulkarni
Marigold Housing Society, a society with more than 7-8 buildings with a higher capacity. I have been living in this society for the last 10 years, always had to nag about the maintenance records, dues collection and never got meeting updates on time. Due to Societyware, it's been great ease for us to discuss and access society matters."
Bhaskar Chavan
I am the chairman of a small society and have to handle everything on my own. I am handling this for the last 8 years, as no one is ready to take responsibility. Societyware made it easy and now everyone has great access to the records. Now the software helps me through the tedious work.
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In this plan most of the basic features are covered. Such as Society Members Directory, Online Notice Board, Staff Directory etc.
In this plan, along with the basic features, you will also get advace features like, Complaint Book, Visitor Tracking etc.
In this ultimate plan, complete accounting system is added to your society with Monthly Dues Collection, Expense Tracking etc.

Making lives easy with the best management software for the Housing societies.

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