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Is Your Housing Society Smart?

Make your housing society smart using Societyware online & mobile applications. Plans start from ₹ 25 per flat per month.

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How Can We Help Your Society

Every day, a lot is going on in a housing society. This app can help you with many tasks. You can pay your monthly dues online. Get notices in email and SMS. Track your visitors. Know your neighbors. And much more.

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We serve societies of all sizes. There are three Plans. You can start with any plan. You can change the plan at any time.

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See what our Happy Customers say
Mr. Suresh Jadhav
I am Mr. Suresh Jadhav, secretary of Nakshatram Housing Society; It has been a very effective tool to manage the society since we started using this software. I am glad we came across this and it has helped me a lot to manage my Society with perfection.
Mr. Omkar Kulkarni
Marigold Housing Society, a society with more than 7-8 buildings with a higher capacity. I have been living in this society for the last 10 years, always had to nag about the maintenance records, dues collection and never got meeting updates on time. Due to Societyware, it's been great ease for us to discuss and access society matters."
Mr. Bhaskar Chavan
I am the chairman of a small society and have to handle everything on my own. I am handling this for the last 8 years, as no one is ready to take responsibility. Societyware made it easy and now everyone has great access to the records. Now the software helps me through the tedious work.
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