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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the frequently asked questions about Societyware app
Please contact us if you need more information or details and we will be happy to help you
  1. What is Societyware?

    Societyware is a Housing Society Management application for members and admins.It can be used for societies of any size. It is available online using web browser and also as mobile application. For full list of features and benefits visit https://www.societyware.com/features.

  2. How do I get started with Societyware?

    It is very simple. You just need to contact us with your housing society details. Our team will reach out to you to set up your society's private, secure account in Societyware. To contact us visit https://www.societyware.com/contact

  3. Do I need to install any software for Societyware?

    No. Societyware is a web-based application and mobile App. There is no need for any software download or installation. No server required. You only need to log in with your given username/password to get started. You can use it from any desktop computer, laptop or mobile.

  4. Must each society member download Societyware app?

    It is not must for each and every member to download Societyware app. Member can access Societyware online using any web browser. Each member will get a user name and password. They can go to https://www.societyware.com and login to their account.

  5. How Societyware is different from existing communication platforms like WhatsApp groups in housing societies?

    Societyware is an all-in-one housing society management and Accounts handling application. It provides features like Visitor Tracking, Members Accounts, Online Notice Boards, Payments and much more. For full list of features and benefits visit https://www.societyware.com/features.

  6. How does the Visitor Tracking feature work?

    The Visitor tracking feature of Societyware lets you know who visited your society. It records detailed information about visitors like time of visit, the purpose of visit, etc,. You can receive notification for the visit before the visitor actually visits your flat.

  7. Are there any installation charges for Societyware?

    No. The Societyware installation is absolutely free. Your society only need to pay monthly charges as per your selected plan. Please visit our Pricing Page for more details https://www.societyware.com/pricing

  8. Where is the Societyware office located?

    Societyware office is located in Pune.

  9. Where is Societyware implemented currently?

    As of now, Societyware is implemented in few societies in Mumbai and Pune.

  10. If I still have some more queries, where do I contact?

    You can call us at (+91) 7745816161 or; to contact us visit https://www.societyware.com/contact. Our team will reach you as soon as possible.

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