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8 Interesting Benefits of Visitor Management System for Your Housing Society

By Maithilee Kulkarni

Security is a significant concern for all housing complexes. Every management committee wishes to safeguard their society by modernizing its security. 

As technologies are evolving, several new apps & systems are growing. These systems meant to release the load & ease lives. And when it fulfills all needs, people absorb it quickly. Systems like Visitor Management is the best example. Due to its benefits, it has promptly got integrated into routine life. Society management work has always been a headache. So these systems are an excellent relief from sweating yourself.

All new society is including this system as facilities. It attracts potential buyers, as it assures security to them. Knowing the benefits existing & old societies are now switching to digital systems.

The Leading Benefits of Visitor Management System

The benefits of the Visitor Management System themselves enlight its necessity. It is beneficial for society members as well as the committee. The list is as below.

1. Keep Track of Visitors

2. Assurance of Safety & Security

3. Pre-Approval System

4. Record Data of Maids & Servants

5. An Effortless Record Maintenance

6. Reduces Extra Cost

7. Ease of Use

8. Favorable for Visitors

The above are the universal benefits of the system.

1. Keep Track of Visitors


Every committee wants to know who visits their premises. For this, they have visitor books at entry gates. In the case of a mishap, the committee can track down the visitor using the records. But the system initially helps you to avoid the mishap.


The system records the entire data of visitors. The management can verify the records whenever required. It is beneficial in case of any crisis.


For instance, a pattern of entries by a particular visitor. Such as entering society on specific days at noon or late-night. All such suspicious activities can be easily spotted using the system. And the management can take necessary actions to prevent any accident.


2. Assurance of Safety & Security


The crucial role of the visitor management system is the safety of the premises. There is always a threat of mishap by unwanted persons. Having security personnel is not enough. There is still room for human error. Whereas integrating the visitor management system is an additional shield. 


The system seeks members’ consent to allow the visitors in. The security staff can rightfully deny access if approval is not received. It zeros the risk of entering undesirable persons.


The system stores visitors’ records along with a photo. If a visitor creates a misfortune, the committee can feed it in the system. So when next time the visitor shows-up the system gives an alert. The management can permanently block such visitors. In such a case, the system doesn’t grant access. And it aids the security personnel to restrict the visitor.


3. Pre-Approval System


The system has a pre-approval function. It enables the members to grant visitors access in advance. It is useful when expecting a visitor. Members can give permanent allowance for maids & servants. So no need for daily approvals.


4. Records Data of Maids & Servants


Management can feed personal details of maids & servants in the system. The system also holds the apartment numbers they visit. All this data gets permanently stored for records.


So the management can retrieve it as & when required. It is a significant relief for management.


5. An Effortless Record Maintenance


Maintaining a visitor's record is a complicated job, particularly in retracting a specific entry. It isn't delightful to run through several pages. It is a waste of time & effort. Whereas, the system is an aid in pulling the data.

You can find data by searching name, date, or timing. Maintaining physical registers is tricky. It requires additional space. But the system can easily hold thousands of records.





6. Reduces Extra Cost


With increased efficiency, the system shrinks the cost. In traditional practice, the expenses on registers are high. Additionally, the preservation of the records is an extra burden. But the system preserves data in digital form which is easy to maintain & retrieve.


7. Ease of Use


The systems are user-friendly. No complex operations. You don’t need to buy any device. It is installable on any smartphone device. Every member has access to it. They need to log-in using their ID.


8. Favourable for Visitors

It benefits the visitors too. They get an entry only if the member is at home. As of end up seeing locked doors isn't much pleasing. It saves their time & efforts.

No matter how fit is your security personnel, there is always room for human error. The system is a next-level assurance to it. The societies now entirely rely on it.

People usually trust things based on the results. Customers of Societyware have experienced the system. And we can proudly say that they are happily sailing with us. Our visitor management systems have succeeded in all aspects.

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