10 Reasons Why Having A Society Management Software is A Must

By Maithilee Kulkarni

Now a days society management software is gaining popularity. The reason is complexity. Managing a housing society has become a more difficult job. The size of the housing societies has increased compared to the old time. It has hundreds of residences & so the members. It is very difficult to maintain the data of such large scale societies. The society management committee is accountable for all the operations. Usually, the committee consists of society members who work willingly. They can spare some time from their routine.

Society management software releases the workload of the committee. The software executes all administrative tasks efficiently. It is time-saving as well as effortless. It also maintains the all necessary data of society & its members.

Additionally, in today’s digital world physical record-keeping has become old-fashioned. When we have the technology, why not use it?


Reasons To Have A Society Management Software

  1. To Reduce the Complexity. Software is ideally meant to solve difficulties. Society management software helps to manage the most complex data of housing societies. The data includes records of members, tenants, staff, assets, funds, vehicle & more. There are external vendors associated with society such as security & gardening. Society needs to manage & record all such data. Storing & maintaining such data in physical format is tiresome. It requires time & space to store it. Furthermore to pull back the data.

But with the help of software storing, managing & retracting is at a fingertip.

  1. Effective Administrative Task. The administrative tasks include keeping track of society operations. It comprises various billing, maintenance charges, & other dues. The software keeps a record of all such information. And it is easy to retract it anytime. It eases to send reminders to the members & vendors too.


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  1. Financial Management. Financial management is the toughest job of the committee. With the use of software, it becomes much simpler. The software records of all receipts & payments. You can record all cash as well as bank transactions. The software has a payment gateway facility. It allows you to make transactions through it. All such transactions are automatically registered in the software. So entering manual records isn't required. And therefore no chances of human mistakes.

  2. Absolute Transparency. Being voluntary work, transparency is a necessity of society management. The software facilitates keeping it. Members can verify any data or transaction through software. The particular member gets special access from the admin or committee. He or she can access it from anywhere & anytime. This allows a trustworthy relation between the committee & members.


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  1. Official Communication Platform. Society management software works as an official platform to convey any information. The Whatsapp groups are casual platforms. Those usually get flooded with forwarded messages. Due to which important messages are also skipped or goes neglected. Whereas, the software has no probability of unwanted messages. Only the official society posts are there.

  2. Cost-Effective. It is a cost-saving alternative too. It saves storage costs as keeping physical records is needless. It also saves manpower costs. It performs several functions that reduce manpower. Like, sending notices & reminders, making payments, managing important data & more.

  3. Connect to a Large Number of People. The committee often needs to contact members for several reasons. It may be regarding dues or to pass on any message. In the case of societies having hundreds of members, it becomes a hard task. Contacting manually is next to impossible. But the committee can easily connect to all members through the software. The member directory in software stores the data of all members.

  4. Security Management. Security management is one of the necessary tasks in society management. The software helps to store & track the records of visitors. The records can be easily accessed in need. 

  5. Manage AMC’s. Maintaining AMC’s records is one of the critical things. It should be easily accessible as & when required. The software stores all maintenance records. The software records the data such as the date of the contract, expiry, & utilization.

  6. Contribution of Members. Using the software committee put up a discussion & seek suggestions from members. Or the members can directly share their thoughts with the committee. It helps to create a healthy relationship in society. Moreover, the members also get a feeling of importance.


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